Are you a K-Pop and K- Drama enthusiast? Here are some K- fashion trends and tips for you!


K-Pop and K-Drama are gaining huge popularity in India and due to their upsurge K- fashion is also becoming a trend these days. The avid fans of Korean Culture whose life depends on that will relate their lifestyle and fashion to their Korean idols and will make every effort to be or at least look like them. This is one of the reasons why Korean fashion trends are becoming so popular these days. The everyday outfits that contribute to the K-Pop and K-Drama wardrobes are effortlessly fine and entrancing, creating the interest of the fans and making them want more.

One of the major reasons for the rise in Korean fashion or K- fashion is the growing number of home grown labels and young designers in the country. They are given a proper infrastructure and support to start new businesses so that they can flourish and promote the K-fashion industry. If you visit the streets of Seoul you can find the stores both small and high-end to help you with your daily fashion essentials. The fashion streets of Seoul will feed your hunger for K-Pop bands, K- drama wardrobe and K- fashion.

Some easy to go and most loved K-fashion trends and tips are-

1 Oversize clothes:


If you are a K-Pop fan and love Korean fashion trends then you might have noticed that it’s all about oversized clothing. The outer wears such as cardigans, sweaters, sweatshirts and more are oversized and look funky. Koreans are obsessed with loose and oversized clothes and you simply cannot miss it if you are a follower of Korean fashion trend.

2 Layering:

Layering is one of the go-to style of K- fashion stars, especially in winter. Layering is a fashion trend that is quite liked by Koreans. They simply excel the art of layering clothes. In winter, you can see the best of Korean outfits and trends in mix textures, lengths, prints and patterns. Check coats as well as solid colours are all welcomed by them. Mix and match is what they like.

3 Distressed Jeans:

distressed images korea
When it comes to fashion you simply cannot ignore distressed jeans. It is the most versatile piece of cloth that you can find in your wardrobe. Koreans know how to make the best of their distressed jeans by pairing up retro tops, oversized cardigans and textured knits depending on the weather.

4 Sneakers and Socks:

korea sneakers and socks
Sneakers are quite popular in Korean fashion not only because of the comfort they provide but also for sneakers + socks trend. Sneakers and socks is a strong fashion scene in Korea and you must definitely try that out. Ankle length socks or calf-length socks are no longer worn only with the purpose to protect you from cold but they are shown and flaunt with dresses and skirts.

5 Mini Accessories:

Korean fashion is incomplete without accessories. There is an overload of hair accessories, fun brooches, neckpieces and aviator-framed sunglasses that you can find in every Korean market. If you take a glance at Korean fashion handbook you will easily relate to this and can take help for some quirky yet stylish trend.

6 Dress over Tee:

dress over tee
This Korean dressing style is super trending and does not take much as well. You can have a perfect summer OOTD for a casual and striking style by wearing a camisole dress over a tee or a blouse. So just take out your basic solid tee, your lace camisole dress and be ready to pull off the perfect Korean dress like a pro. You can team this fashionable outfit with sneakers and ace that Korean girl fashion.