Blue is the new black.




The start of the year has dubbed Blue as the Official Black for 2020. One of the most relatable and least aggressive colours, Classic Blue is an easy and effortless shade to wear. And the best part if, it suits every skin tone and fashion aesthetics.

This extremely versatile colour, can be worn for any occasion irrespective of the style you follow.




A simple, solid T-shirt in Blue colour will make your wardrobe 2020 ready. Wear with your favourite pair of jeans, joggers or for that feminine touch cam be worn with a plain skirt. The no fuss attitude will be the master stroke for your personality.

Cover it Perfect


The colour blue has the power of adding drama to your otherwise plain, simple outer. A puffer jacket worn with a neutral-coloured outfit will do the magic.

Blazers and coats in blue hue will also make a perfect option to impress. Layering have been one of the most sort after way of following the fashion. Layering a structured jacket over a dark shade pants and a light-coloured shirt is super quick and easy way to look you sophisticated best and debonair.

Do the Denim



There is not a single person left on the earth who doesn’t have a pair of jeans in the closet. Now the good news is that we have tones of hues in blue for that perfect pair of jeans that fits like second skin. This comfy, trendy and super cool attire has lured people of all ages, is a total refresher.

Shout Shirt



A classic blue shirt is one of the most staple piece of wardrobe in any closet. It is versatile and suave at the same time. A solid coloured blue top is ultra-sleek, sharp very professional, where, a blue shirt with plaids has a very casual and laid back appeal altogether.

Modern Twist to the Traditional Saree and Hanbok



Saree is one of the most loved attire of Indians. Now a days a lot of experiment are been done in colours, patterns, prints, fabrics and designs. Same with the traditional Hanbok of Korea. A modern twist to these 2 beautiful attires is making them even amicable. Pair them with your most loved accessory.

Oh Yeah! The Blue colour in the Hanbok will put your patriotic foot first.


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