Contemporary Fashion Trends in Korea

korean fashion


korean fashion

Korea fashion style drifted towards western styles in 50s and 60s. Since then the Korean fashion has evolved into a thriving and versatile industry that has gained popularity around the world.

The “Hallyu Wave” has put Korea under a spot light. South Korea was lauded as a powerhouse of music and style – the viral videos of the artist’s, their stage outfits, video concepts and simple yet contemporary airport looks have become the main influence and have set new fashion trends across the globe. Here we have done a bit of research for you to get influenced by our favorite Korean celebrity and create a Korean inspired wardrobe.

Korean-Style Outfits

korean fashion

Korean fashion, these days can be described in one word – Minimalistic. Though this sounds boring or basic but Korean Minimalistic is way far from basic or mediocre. Layering, mix-n-match and accessorizing, creates a unique style.


Shirts worn over a turtle neck, or beneath dresses and overalls. If you want to be a bit brave and dare to experiment then can wear a pair of jeans under a maxi or slip dress.

Tartan and mid-length ruffled-skirts are commonly paired with plain t-shirts or big jumpers.

Vintage Dresses

korean fashion

Dress, slip dress and wrap dress, worn with wrap shirts have become a very common sight in the Korean streets. Even the wrap pattern has given, traditional Hanbok a new twist.


korean fashion

Not just a necessity because of the cold weather, but they are the core part of a classic K-Drama outfit. Just wear jeans, a shirt and a big old coat and you are good to rock.

Couple Outfit

korean fashion

Wearing matching colours is just a cute way of showing It’s just a cute way of showing the world how deeply you are in love. Wear matching colours.

Oversized Clothes

korean fashion

Oversized jumpers and cardigans, two-piece skirt-jumper or cardigan sets and jumpers with slogans and illustrative designs.


korean fashion

Anything linen, from pants, shirts and dresses to pantsuits and bags — these are a staple piece for the warmer months.


korean fashion

T-shirts with black and white strips, pastel colours, beige and tan hues are in. T-shirts with cartoon characters, celebrities, slogan prints and embroidered patterns are making a wave in Korean fashion industry.

Socks and Sneakers

korean fashion

Sneakers worn with coloured or patterned socks — brand-name sneakers are usually more sought after but aren’t necessary.


korean fashion

Glasses, hairpins, berets and caps, brooches, enamel pins and earrings — all of these are an excellent way to express yourself and finish off your K-Fashion inspired outfit. Choker necklaces and coloured contacts lenses are setting a trend

Wide-legged Pants

korean fashion

Wide-legged pants and shirts with extended sleeves — a trend which sprouted from the ‘long sleeved jumper’ style that was popular with male and female idols alike.

Pointed-toe Heels


Took the world when a famous celebrity wore it for an appearance. Experiment with different colours and designs. Looks great when worn with jeans.

Korean fashion is a mix of comfort, colour and class. From vintage patterns and designs to modern hues and cuts they have incorporated everything to reach where they are today – on the top.