Korean beauty hacks

Korean beauty trend is making huge waves and there is quite an obsession with Korean skin care routine, the products they use and the simple beauty hacks they follow to have a crystal, clear glowing skin. The cultural ideal of Korean beauty is all about clear, hydrated, pore-free and even skin and this trend has already existed within Korean beauty and cosmetic industries for years. While you must be daunting to get that perfect Korean skin, the idea of using so many Korean cosmetics and beauty products might seem exhausting.

Below are the few DIY Natural beauty hacks that will bring you closer to Korean glass skin and that too without much effort!

  1. Use rice water to wash your face-

    Korean beauty hacks

    Rice water has been an ancient beauty hack due to rich content of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other nourishing ingredients. Many Korean face washes are laden with the properties of rice that makes them effective in brightening the skin and restoring the glow. Rice water is one of the simple beauty hacks and home remedies to provide your skin extra nourishment and glow.

  2. Follow the 10 second rule-

    Korean beauty hacks

    Korean glass skin is all about keeping the skin hydrated so it remains plump and healthy all the time. One of the Korean beauty secrets is this 10 second rule in which you need to apply the toner and moisturizer within 10 seconds of coming out of a hot shower. This is because the steam opens the pores and if we apply toner at this time the skin will absorb it better and show you better results.

  3. Drink barley tea-
    Korean beauty hacks

    Barley tea is full of antioxidants and fiber and this simple beauty hack helps in protecting the skin from signs of aging and other environmental factors. People in Korea and Japan do not drink this tea only for skin but to improve their overall health. Barley tea is just like water to them that they have to drink. This is how essentially it is a part of their daily routine.

  4. Naturally maintain the humidity of the air-

    Environment plays an important role in maintaining the quality of the skin. External factors can aggravate the texture and complexion of the skin. Korean women adopt the natural beauty hacks and make the most of damp towels to keep their bedroom and bathroom moist. Using too much heaters and air conditioners can ultimately affect your skin so hanging up the damp towels is one of the best ways to maintain the humidity and temperature without damaging your skin.

  5. Know what you are eating-

    Our skin renews itself after a certain period of time and so the food that we eat will determine the quality of the skin. Consume fresh fruits, vegetables and protein rich food. Try to reduce the fried and greasy food. If you have noticed delicious Korean food is mainly comprised of boiled food. Very less oil is used in the preparation. Eating too much of oily and greasy food might lead to acne and pimples.

  6. Sleeping mask-

    Korean beauty hacks
    Korean women know that the right time to repair your skin is at night and so they use sleeping mask to give enough to their skin so that it can regenerate and replenish itself. One of the quick sleeping masks that you can use as a part of Korean skincare routine is using equal parts of aloe vera gel and vitamin E oil. You can store it in the fridge and apply it on your face at night after cleansing. This is the most affordable and natural DIY Beauty tricks. Remember to use this mask at the moisturizing step of your skincare routine.