Street Food – You Can Never Have Enough

korean food

Korean street food has all flavours – sweet, savory and spicy. From exotic critters to familiar comfort food with a twist, Korean street food run the gamut.


korean food

There is no one who doesn’t love Tteokboki in Korea. One of the most loved street food, this dish tops the list without a doubt. Tteokboki or spicy rice cakes are chewy penne-shaped cakes cooked in spicy red chili paste called gochujang. People now a days are doing a lot of experimenting in this traditional street food.




For most of the travelers, who are visiting Korea, this dish reminds them of pancakes. Most of the vendors have their own recipe but the basic has eggs, batter and scallion. Now a days, to give this traditional street food a modern twist, vendors use squid, beef, pork, kimchi etc.


korean food

The best thing that Japanese occupation gave to Koreas is Gimbap. Kimbap or Gimbap, is made of rice, meat and vegetables which is wrapped in seaweeds. Usually cut in be size rolls, but there are bigger and more filling versions available as well.

Kimchi Mandu

korean food

What is dumpling to te world is Mandu to Koreans. An endless variety of these mandu is available on the streets of Korea. The most loved is still the Kimchi Mandu. It has a spicy mix of pork meat and Kimchi.

Korean BBQ

korean food

Undoubtedly the most popular food in Korea is Korean Barbecue. Most of the people sit together after office timings and relish a feast on barbecue.


korean food

Another well-loved Korean street food is Twigim which is said to be a twist in tempura, rather a tastier version of tempura. It mainly includes prawns and different vegetables.

Blood Sausage or Sundae

korean food

The most common sausages of the street food in Korea are usually made of cow or pig intestines stuffed with pig’s blood noodles and other ingredients. It might sound very bland and not very tasty but this is actually similar to the sausages from the west.


korean food

One of the exotic dishes from the streets of Korea, Beongdegi has a very unique taste. It consists of steamed silkworm larvae that’s is crunchy at the outside and juice at the inside. It is a common believe that this dish has powerful medicinal properties. Koreans believe beongdegi has medicinal benefits.

French Fry Coated Corn Dog

korean food

The French fries and corn dogs go super well together so Koreans found a way to combine them into one and create a mouth-watering dish which is next big thing on the streets of Korea. Deep fried in the batter of French fries to give it that famous crispy crunch. This snack on a stick has another name, gamja dog.


korean food

Koreans love there gyeranppang. These egg muffins are a staple in Korean streets. Best loved in winters this snack ha a whole egg baked on the top of the muffin. To give it a twist sometimes they come with a dash of parsley on the top or a layer of cheese at the center.


korean food

If a doughnut and a pancake is combined a hotteok will be created. This is the most loved sweet street food in the Korea. It is usually filled with brown sugar and cinnamon and at times it has seeds, beans, peanuts, honey and other sweet fillings just to make it healthier.


korean food

The fish shaped dish that is filled with red bean paste, stands out in the streets of Korea. It is very tasty and can be dubbed as the Korean version of waffle.

No matter where you are, which ever country you are visiting, street food is a part of the culture and tradition. The taste, the aroma, the convenience and the mood, it speaks a lot about the generation and its evolution.