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South Korea has been quite famous all over the world and especially in India for its quirky K-Pop and K-dramas. Now Korean cosmetic industry is also witnessing a rapid growth on Indian e-commerce marketplace. K- Beauty is becoming a centre of attraction for the people of India who urges to have a flawless, glass skin. Taking inspiration from their K- Pop idols, consumers are becoming more conscious of their skin concerns and the products they are applying onto the skin. This has increased the demand for Korean beauty products in India. It would be wrong to assert that there is a surge for these products only in metropolitan areas. People in other parts of India such as Assam, Sikkim etc. are also huge fans of Korean products and want to try the same.

Few reasons that make Korean skincare products hold a strong place in Indian market are:

  1. High on hydration and active ingredients

    – Korean skincare products are high on hydration and nourishment which makes them effective for Indian skin as well. The products are made of innovative ingredients such as green tea, ginseng, volcanic pore, chia seeds, etc. that makes them competent and safe for long run.

  2. Research, technology and testing

    korean beauty products in indiaKorean skincare products, Korean makeup productsKorean hair care products etc. are manufactured under the guidance of well qualified researchers. These researchers conduct various surveys and understand the needs of consumers and their skin concerns. After proper research is done, the products are manufactured using the best technology possible. The safety parameters of Korean products are also very high. These products undergo rigorous and gruelling testing so as to be doubly sure about the safety of the product.

  3. Variety-

    korean cosmetics in india


    Korean cosmetic industry offer huge varieties of products. You can find skincare products for almost every skin concern and with almost every natural ingredient possible. In fact Korean cosmetics in India gained popularity due to strange combination of ingredients that are used such as snail slime, sea kelp, etc

  4. Value for money- 

    Korean beauty brands in India and all over the world offer products to every income group. While there are products that you might find expensive there are also some products that will fit into your budget and provide you great results. Korean cosmetic market is flooded with products in quite a range of prices. You just have to be aware of your skin concern and the right ingredients that will give you a flawless skin.

  5. Trend-setters- 

    Trendiness is one aspect that defines Korean makeup and beauty products. Korean cosmetics are huge trend setters because of the advanced technology and technique. The products are easier to use and compliments the day to day life of the consumers. Korean mask sheets which are gaining huge popularity are the result of Korean innovation. These mask sheets are easy to use and quite affordable as well. You can easily use them while watching TV, reading books etc. Korean serums are also no less behind.

  6. Prevention is better than cure-

    Korean cosmetics focus on prevention and getting to the root of skin problems. Koreans use products consistently rather than just once and wanting immediate results. Unlike American products that work towards hiding the flaws, Korean products work towards controlling the skin problem. This makes Korean makeup products, Korean hair care products and Korean skincare products world famous and trustworthy.

If you are a fan of Korean products then here are few websites from where you can buy Korean cosmetics in India are-

  1. Nykaa- Deals in beauty products only.
  2. Korikart- Indian website that deals in Korean products only.
  3. Amazon- You can get all sorts of products here!