Evolution The Sweet Language of Animation in Korea

Animation is said to be the language of laughter. Developed to entertain and engage small children has now become a full-fledged medium of conveying serious messages and stories to the generation.

The history of Korean animation, goes back to 1936 when the first talking animation character called – ‘Gaekkum’ was developed. The first Korean animation studio opened in Pyongyang in 1948.

Before the 1960s, Korean animation only existed for commercial advertising. Mun Dalbu created a successful animated commercial for Lucky Toothpaste.

The Story of Hong Gil Dong

The first feature-length animated character was made in 1967 – The Story of Hong Gil Dong.Hong Gil Dong

Dooly – The Dinosaur

In 1987, Dooly the Dinosaur – revolutionized the animation market in Korea. Since then there was no looking back for Korean animators.

In 2003, Pororo the Little Penguin aired on EBS and became the new representation of Korean animation characters.

sweet language of Animation

sweet language of Animation

sweet language of Animation

As of 2015, many other domestic Korean animations have gained popularity, such as Tobot, Larva and Tayo the Little Bus

sweet language of Animation

In the 1980s–1990s, cartoon characters expanded mainly because comic books were popular.

sweet language of Animation

Between 2000 and 2010, Flash characters became prevalent in Korea because. Later in the decade, 3D animations were mainly done with 3D STUDIO MAX or MAYA software.