Skinny Jeans – Passé, Relaxed Fit is Here To Stay.


Long gone the craze of skinny jeans. Now the jeans has its new avatar with wide legged, straight styles. Call them “mom jeans” or “boyfriend jeans”, these styles are here to rule.

Why relaxed jeans are ultimate fashion style:

Comfortable? Oh yeah!

Looks good on everyone

No matter relaxed or straight – loose fit jeans are ultra-flattering. It complements every body type, age or gender. The fitted waist and long leg effect will make you look taller and sleeker.

Wear all day all night

Denims are otherwise a relaxed fabric but the trouser like effect of straight fit makes them a perfect pick for business casual look.

Style? – No issue.


Going beyond typical styles skinny jeans, try out, distressed, acid wash, patchwork and more this season.